Meaningful Competence™

A revolutionary approach for employees ready to enhance their careers and for companies wanting engaged employees.

The Challenge

Employees want to be recognized for the real value they bring to a company. How do they get the company to see that real value?

Companies want employees who bring real value to a company, not just those who are excellent at self-promotion.

How do employees make their real value visible and increase that real value to benefit themselves and the company they work for?

Meaningful Competence™

The Meaningful Competence strategy develops an employee's ability to own and improve their career. As employees use the Meaningful Competence Two Tools and Strategy approach, they better understand how to bring value to an organization and make that value visible.

The tools of the Meaningful Competency strategy allow employees and companies to develop shared expectations and agree when those expectations are met. The tools go much further in providing structure for the employee and supervisor to design and implement improvement strategies throughout the employee's career that address the specific issues limiting success.

When teams develop Meaningful Competence, the organization benefits from talent agility.

Why Torch Solutions Group?

We're focused on employee competence. That's more than just skills or competencies. Competence produces measurable outputs. Differences in competence can be seen and measured. Our programs enable employees to enhance their careers and companies to develop a truly agile workforce efficiently.

Meaningful Competence - Practical Career Enhancement


More than Career Advice or a Motivational Pep Talk

The Meaningful Competence strategy includes practical tools, models, and scripts to enhance your career. Several worksheets guide you to work with your supervisor and/or mentor to strengthen those relationships and accelerate your career.

More than a Set of Behaviors

Most programs depend on your desire and ability to adopt the behaviors one or more experts identified as THE KEYS to success. But a successful career is NOT based on the single set of behaviors that worked for you or that group of experts. Meaningful Competence focuses on tools that guide you to select and develop the competence that will benefit you, the unique employee, in your current situation.

Addresses Many of Your Career Struggles

Become Your Own Career Enhancement Consultant

Meaningful Competence is based on the science of Human Performance Improvement. You're getting a personalized version of strategies and methodologies that have significantly improved organizations. You become your own career enhancement consultant. Should you desire to become a leader, you'll have the tools to work with your direct reports to create the most valuable team in the company.

Get the Why and How of Career Enhancement and Career Agility

The Why

The Why

The Why

When solving problems, knowing the why, or the problem statement, is vital to implementing the correct solution. Meaningful Competence provides strategies to find the specific why to the career questions you have today. The videos below share some issues you may face.

The How

The Why

The Why

Sometimes we need the words to say. Meaningful Competence provides you the strategy, the process, and the scripts to have those meaningful, productive conversations with supervisors and mentors that will make your real value visible and enhance your career. View some examples from the program.


For the Individual

For the Individual

For the Individual


Building work and life satisfaction through

contributions that matter. Figuring out: 

  • How your contribution makes a difference to you and the organization’s mission.
  • How to measure and document your value.
  • How to become even more competent at making your contribution.

For the Supervisor

For the Individual

For the Individual


Building team members who know and increase their personal and organizational value. 

  • Build your personal Meaningful Competence.
  • Provide value-based coaching to others.
  • Improve production of team Value-Added Outputs.

For the Team

For the Organization

For the Organization


Implementing a team approach for handling complex challenges by building team and individual competence.

  • Expose what's really in the way of increased production of Value-Added Output.
  • Match individual strength to team needs to increase team competence.
  • Apply the Individual Mesh as a team and as an individual to build new competence.

For the Organization

For the Organization

For the Organization


Implementing the Meaningful Competence Approach to build an agile workforce

  • Enable managers to own talent development.
  • Use the Individual Mesh to build organizational, team, and individual agility.
  • Recognize Value-Added Output achievements.